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There's Nothing Like A Little Help To Make Their Hearts Happier.

There's Nothing Like A Little Help To Make Their Hearts Happier.


Catherine Ulukonanwa

Welcome to the Catherine Ulukonanwa Foundation website.

OUR MISSION is to empower vulnerable individuals through various empowerment programs, with a focus on helping underprivileged children, individuals, and families in Nigeria by providing necessary support in the form of funds, food, medical and educational support.

OUR VISION is to continue the legacy of positively impacting lives that was started by the late Mrs. Catherine Ulukonanwa.

The Catherine Ulukonanwa Foundation was established in honor of the late Mrs. Catherine Ulukonanwa Ngene, a successful businesswoman, community leader, and philanthropist. Despite facing challenges such as the sudden demise of her father and the Nigerian civil war, she helped her mother take care of her younger siblings and eventually became a successful businesswoman, earning the nickname “Opataakuu” meaning “bringer of wealth” in Igbo language. She used her success to help others, supporting women in her community with small grants to start their own businesses and providing educational and feeding support to families in need. She was also a peacemaker in her community, known for her ability to settle complex conflicts and marital issues.


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